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A stressed office worker finds himself at the mercy of a caffeine loving Yucca who yearns for freedom. Freedom and maybe some casual murder…   Comedy, 12pp

A forensic archaeologist finds her ideals tested when she discovers the horrors of the recent past are far from dead and buried. Thriller/Horror 14 pages

A care-worker struggles to shield her unsuspecting charges from the outside world.  But just what is she so afraid of?  9 pages. Chiller.

A psychologist interviews a disturbed recluse who claims to be the victim of a malign entity. 

Docudrama/Supernatural, 13 pages.

A troubled young girl befriends a man condemned to death.

Dark drama, historical. 7 pages

When a storm strands them in a motel, a group of strangers faces a dilemma when the elderly proprietor chooses to ignore a cry for help.  Horror, comedy. 8 pages

Mockumentary following an amateur big cat enthusiast in his hunt for the legendary Beast of Bodmin.

Comedy, 16 pages

A curious young boy stirs the ire of a witch when he stumbles upon a long buried treasure.

Drama, Supernatural. 10 pages

A proud elevator operator fights to protect those in his charge from a sinister presence lurking on the thirteenth floor.  Unless that is, they opt for the stairs...

Dark Comedy/Horror. 9 pages

A long awaited act of retribution takes an unexpected turn when the would be victim makes a final request.  Drama. 14 pages

A happy-go-lucky Bum recounts his love of bicycles -- other peoples' bicycles...

Offbeat Comedy. 6 pages.